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    Canadian Forex Brokers

    The Alliance of Canadian Forex Brokers

    Welcome to the website of Canadian Forex Brokers Alliance, whose name speaks for itself: we have created this rating of Canadian brokers to keep statistics and records of various brokers, offering traders an independent assessment and the opportunity to express their opinions about each of brokers.

    In addition to this resource you will find a brief information on the companies represented in a particular section of the rating of brokers, including Swap-Free or brokers, for example, the MetaTrader brokers. White Papers of Forex market, published by the different Forex brokers on our site are live Canadian Forex analytics professionals from the Forex market. We hope that the information provided in the pages of our website, will be useful to all Forex-trader!

    To assess the popularity of canadian Forex broker in our list each visitor is invited to vote for the most worthy in his view broker. To make the results more representative, there are some restrictions: vote for each broker no more than once a day. Any hacking attempt of brokers rating will stop automatic and manual moderation of the voting results for Forex brokers, which further enhances its value. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the figures presented on this rating the Forex brokers, fully untrue and contain no errors in the evaluation of Canadian Forex brokers. To date, there are many brokers who unfairly treat their customers, which adversely affects the reputation of foreign exchange in Canada. It was therefore decided to create a kind of alliance Forex brokers who work with the Canadian traders in the trust.

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